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The eBook Industry has devolved into an unstable system.

Publishers are debilitated by the dominance of a single commercial platform with no transparency.

Consumers are frustrated by 'walled gardens', which lock them into a single retailer.

Artistic creators, the authors, are receiving minimal margins.

A revolutionary new system leveraging the blockchain is on the way.

Introducing Sumo Reader.

Industry Experience

Over 15 years of experience in the eBook industry.

Cutting Edge Technology

A revolutionary new system for delivery and consumption of eBooks by leveraging blockchain technologies.

Publishers & Authors

Working directly with leading publishers and authors to ensure the highest margins in the history of the publishing industry.

Customer Freedom

For the first time, customers will not be locked down to a single platform for purchasing and reading their eBooks.

Sumo Reader
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The Blockchain + Ebooks
Development is progressing.

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